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Mike Doogan – Weasel of the Day
March 28, 2009


This man has deliberately endangered an anonymous political blogger and her family in Anchorage AK by publishing her name.

He is a State politician. A Democrat. The blogger is a Democrat. Doogan has been obsessed for months with finding out who the blogger is. She criticized his rudeness. Once.

And in return, he does this. Mike Doogan is a dangerous, stalking creep of the first order. I hope she sues the ass out of his trousers!

Matt Moffitt – incomparable ratbag
March 24, 2009

While it was parked at my house for a few days, I emptied out the garbage and cleaned the cab of the Matt Finish band truck until it was sparkling. Bad idea!

“You’ve taken away all the ambience!” wailed the roadies.

If Matt Moffitt had never done anything else in his life, ‘Short Note’ would have been enough.

Rest in peace, Matt. I still miss you.

Edgar Degas
March 18, 2009

Next Sunday the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria will close. And I won’t have seen it. Folks who have been to the exhibition are complaining that there are so many thousands of people there that they hardly saw a painting at all. Last Sunday 4,000 people crammed themselves into the exhibition. I shouldn’t be too resentful; I’ve seen most of those paintings in Paris.

'The Dance Class' 1874

'The Dance Class' 1874

I have an etching of this famous painting that we bought at Le Louvre. It was quite expensive; I don’t remember how much it cost, but I do remember us emptying all our wallets and pockets to pay for it. It’s a beautiful souvenir.

Degas painted ballet dancers and students and teachers and classes in every medium for many years. Here is a private exhibition:

The Luck of the Irish
March 17, 2009

Tomorrow is Day 7 of no smoking. Today I met Bob Cousy. We smoked the same brand.

Bob Cousy, point guard, Boston Celtics

Bob Cousy, point guard, Boston Celtics

From all reports Mr Cousy is not only the best point guard ever but also a much-admired human being. With terrific lung-power.

People speak so well of Bob Cousy you would think they were at his funeral.

Mr Cousy is eighty years old (I bet he’s glad he quit smoking). Last year he was fired from his broadcasting job with Comcast Sports Network. You will remember Comcast from such hits as: porn being broadcast on Tucson TV during the Cardinals big Super Bowl final …

The Perils of Pauline
March 16, 2009

will she be too embarrassed to own up?

will she be too embarrassed to own up?

This is a woman who dated a soldier three times in about 1975. So he says. One of those dates was a weekend on the coast, during which this photograph was taken by the soldier. So he says. The woman is wearing ‘lingerie’ that is definitely not 1975 vintage because I know of nobody who was wearing a belt buckled across their breasts and pretending it was chic. Not even in 1976. This photograph has come to light more than 30 years after it was taken because the soldier now claims the woman in the picture is Pauline Hanson.

the Pauline Hanson we all know and .... know

the Pauline Hanson we all know and .... know

Ms Hanson says it most definitely is not her. A newspaper publisher has paid the soldier $15,000 for the this photograph and another (nude-ish) one. The publisher is now endeavouring to cover up his foolishness (and poor eyesight) by claiming it’s now a ‘his word against hers’ situation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If that wasn’t enough, we have the likes of World Champion Disgusting Sleazebag David Oldfield criticising Pauline Hanson for putting her nude pix on TV!!! The media are trying to give the story legs it doesn’t have. Why? It’s not even big enough for a storm in a proverbial teacup. Whether or not Ms Hanson’s politics – and/or herself – are abhorrent, this much is true (1) this is not Pauline Hanson, and (2) she doesn’t deserve what the media are doing to her. She should sue the pockets out of their pants.