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Sarah Palin’s Breast Redaction
May 29, 2009

Andree McLeod (a Republican) is a well-known critic of Sarah Palin’s administration. All critics of Sarah Palin’s administration are well-known, because of Mrs Palin’s habit of using the State of Alaska website to slam her critics. Don’t all State Governors do that?

So, Andree notices that the governor has taken to dressing like a hoochie ever since she found out that she was going to be a grandmother. Gradually the Official Dress Code in the governor’s office has become Old Tart. Cleavage everywhere. Middle-aged women in mini-skirts. Pornstar platform shoes. If you don’t get the picture, here is Mrs Palin on Memorial Day twice attempting to bring Alaskan war veterans back from the dead.

'Basic Instinct' moment captured by Shannyn Moore

'Basic Instinct' moment captured by Shannyn Moore

Executive hoochie from the State of Alaska website

Executive hoochie from the State of Alaska website

So, Andree emails the Governor’s office complaining about the prominence given to cleavage in the governor’s office, and asking about the State of Alaska office dress code. Andree gets no response, so a few weeks later she asks under FOIA for copies of emails regarding dress code in the governor’s office.

But Andree can’t have those emails. They have been redacted! All of them. In full …. because the illustrious governor and her overpaid and under-worked buddies spent those emails NOT suggesting that staff perhaps could dress like office staff and not like cheap hookers – but making crude jokes at Andree’s expense ……


….. and then sent those emails to the creepy “journalist” Sheila Toomey so that she could slam Andree McLeod in the Anchorage Daily News. Which she did.

The citizens of Alaska are not allowed to see these emails because “these records reflect predecisional, deliberative communications between Governor Palin and her closest aides, as well as among those aides”, to quote Sarah Palin’s Administrative Director, Sharon Leighow.

Why did Sarah Palin send these “confidential” emails to the odious Sheila Toomey? Will citizens in future have to file a FOIA request to the Anchorage Daily News to find out what their governor has really been doing when she’s supposed to be working?

The Real Sheila Toomey!
May 26, 2009

Name and face of innocent bystander withheld. Pic from 49writers blog.

Name and face of innocent bystander withheld. Pic from 49writers blog.

Sheila Toomey spends her time criticizing other people. Even for their looks, sometimes.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

My Newton-John Family Tree
May 7, 2009

When he was a young man and I was a kid, Fred Weiland taught me to play guitar. At the time, Fred played rhythm guitar in a very successful pop group – the Strangers – while his girlfriend Pat performed in a duo with Olivia Newton-John.

Fred (bottom), John (middle) with Peter and Garth - the Strangers

Fred (bottom), John (middle) with Peter and Garth - the Strangers

Pat and Olivia won an award and went to London. When Pat’s visa expired (Olivia didn’t need one), she returned home and married Fred’s bandmate John Farrar. Olivia hung around in the UK and hooked up with one of the Shadows (the nutty one), ultimately fleeing to the US, where John and Pat eventually joined her.

It was another 17 years before I met Olivia, during which time she and John had made it big in Grease and Olivia had gone on to bigger things (musically, that is – nobody could make an actor out of her).

Pat and Olivia (with a guest appearance by Olivia’s then-boyfriend, Ian Turpie)

The Strangers – John on the left and Fred on the right

You haven't changed a bit, Fred

Alaskan Crook Wins KY Derby
May 3, 2009

Black Hat Mark Allen

Black Hat Mark Allen

If it weren’t for the plea deal that his dad made with federal prosecutors, Mark Allen might not have been in the winner’s circle Saturday at the Kentucky Derby, celebrating the victory of his thoroughbred Mine That Bird and a $2 million purse. He might have been in jail instead.

Millionaire Bill Allen, former CEO of oilfield services company Veco, pleaded guilty in 2007 to three counts related to his central role in the Alaska public corruption scandal in return for immunity from federal criminal charges for himself and Mark Allen.

Bill Allen testified that his son paid off a state legislator. A felony conviction against Mark Allen would be grounds for revocation of his license as a racehorse owner under New Mexico law.

With Bill Allen’s evidence for the prosecution, seven Alaska State and Federal politicians have been convicted, with at least two more under investigation. Four are serving prison sentences and one elderly convict has been sentenced to home detention. Ted Stevens’ case was dropped after conviction due to mishandling, but he’s still under investigation for other crimes.