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Eddie Burke – Sarah Palin’s ugly baby
June 28, 2009

Linda Kellen (who blogs as Celtic Diva) raised $5,552-64 to pay the Palin administration for a handful of emails under Alaska State freedom of information laws. (The first quote from Linda Perez of Palin’s Executive office was over $65,000.) It’s widely assumed that the outrageous sums that Palin demands are designed to ensure that nobody can ever afford to find out about the underhanded, sneaky and unlawful actitivites of Palin and her office.

But many people have had enough of Palin’s secrecy, and it didn’t take long for Linda to raise the funds through her website which she updated daily with a new graphic. One graphic included a very ugly head snuggled up to Sarah Palin – a very accurate indication of the relationship between Sarah Palin and Eddie Burke (the ugly head).

Sarah Palin and Eddie Burke



This is Burke last week, attempting to prevent the passage of an anti-discrimination ordnance in Anchorage. You can see why.

Sarah Palin mothering – when she thinks nobody is watching
June 26, 2009

Sarah Palin tenderly cradles her cherished special needs baby

Sarah Palin tenderly cradles her cherished special needs baby

Forget that her now-notorious daughter Willow is playing basketball right in front of her. Forget about the little sack of potatoes ready to slide off her lap, with her arm over his face ….

No special needs baby – or any other child – will ever get in the way of Sarah Palin’s Saturday morning texting marathon with all her high school buddies.

Sarah Palin’s mothering skills are best suited to nurturing Blackberries.

Sarah Palin FOIA Scandal Exposed
June 22, 2009

slutty governor

Remember last year when Sarah Palin’s two illegal Yahoo State business email accounts were hacked? Those emails have been the subject of a FOIA request for some nine months now …. but Palin continues to get away with hiding them.

And remember when the Palin administration demanded $15 million for a bunch of emails under FOIA? NBC certainly does. Palin continues to get away with outrageous demands for FOIA requests.

And remember my Sarah Palin’s Breast Redaction post, about Palin getting away with redacting every single word in the inter-office emails full of smutty jokes?

Every State (including yours) has search/retrieval software for its computer systems. It makes searches very simple. Alaska has such software, too. But they need to pretend they don’t – because it’s what Sarah Palin is hiding behind.

Linda Kellen is calling Sarah Palin o-u-t.

The first thing Linda has to do is fork out the $5,564 that the Palin administration wants for a handful of emails. Those emails will be the basis of a court case. It’s the first time anyone has taken Sarah Palin to court for her corrupt ways.

Check it out at Tip in 10 bucks to the MAKE SARAH HONEST campaign. Then buy a popcorn machine.

Chrissie Amphlett – Punk Princess
June 3, 2009

Ahh, Chrissie. Was there ever a woman so blessed with beauty and talent? Her gorgeous face, her incomparably sexy voice ….

How is it that she spent a couple of decades doing all she could to destroy them both? How is it that she could hurt herself so much, even hurting innocent bystanders?

And why would a girl so blessed by the gods become the quintessential punk of her generation? Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious would quail before Chrissie Amplett.

I blame Geelong.

monty adams

monty adams2

monty adams3


Chrissie didn’t succeed in killing herself or anyone else. She has MS now but she’s still divine.

Top 3 pics by Monty Adams, bottom pic by Jasmine Hirst

ps: It’s now the 19th of September in 2010, and I would like to comment that I first saw The Divinyls in 1981, at the Pacific Hotel in Manly, third on the bill under Matt Finish and the Serious Young Insects – and the musical afficionados among us laughed and fell about the (literal) floor at the thought that DIRTY POOL had picked them up. The Divinyls were SO BAD that nobody could imagine them ever getting out of Sydney. KUDOS to Dirty Pool.