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July 10, 2009

by Walter Ness

Over 1200 politicians have taken that first-term oath of office. Some soon died in office. Many resigned to accept other positions in government, including Spiro Agnew who was “tapped” by Nixon after being the Governor of Maryland for about five minutes. On a handful of occasions, a first-termer was dragged off to the slammer or impeached. One was incapacitated by a nervous breakdown and one left just as impeachment came knocking on his door. So — how many out of over 1200 just up and quit before the end of their term?

1. Eliot Spitzer - Whoremonger

1. Eliot Spitzer - Whoremonger

2. Jim McGreevey - Out of the closet and out of the job

2. Jim McGreevey - Out of the closet and out of the job

3. Sarah Palin - "Waaaa, Alaskan bloggers are mean to me!"


Goodbye Sarah Palin – leave your lawsuit under my doormat
July 5, 2009


Rumors abound as to why a power-crazed Madame like Sarah Palin would let go of a single ounce of power. I don’t believe she is pregnant or sick (physically sick, that is). I don’t believe she has a glamorous media career about to take off. Other rumors are about her trying to sleep her way to the top when she was young (we know she was no blushing virgin when she met First Dud) and for a long time there’s been a favorite rumor known as Housegate.

The newest rumor is that there is a criminal indictment for embezzlement relating to Housegate that is pending authorization.

Please take note of the previous sentence. Bloggers in Alaska have today been threatened with legal action by Sarah Palin’s overworked personal attorney for merely repeating this rumor.