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Sarah Palin’s REAL Book Bans!
December 23, 2009

Sarah spots a blogger

Today Sarah Palin signed copies of her book in her hometown of Wasilla – in the sports stadium for which she left the town $20 million in debt and on the receiving end of a 7-year lawsuit. She once controlled the Wasilla police department and it seems the cops are having a hard time finding their way out of her pocket ….

Palin gave the Wasilla police a list of the names – with pictures – of various Alaska bloggers, and instructed the police to refuse them admission. Sarah’s fights and threatened lawsuits against bloggers are legendary. In the old days before mass communications in Alaska, Sarah Palin could – and did – threaten and blackmail and lie about whomever she chose. That doesn’t work in the modern age of the internet, however. Keeping dirty secrets is getting to be a bitch.

Also on the banned list was CNN photojournalist, Dennis Zaki. I guess his banning was to ensure that Sarah Palin gets some media coverage from Fux News.

To the Fearless Foursome of Banned Bloggers, Merry Christmas!

Oh, you better watch out, you better not try
To enter that door, I’m telling you why,
Sarah-Claus has come home, to town…

She’s makin’ a list
Checkin’ it twice,
Gonna write down who’s naughty or nice
Sarah-Claus has come home, to town

She reads you when you’re blogging,
She sees you on TV
She knows if you’ve had posts today
So please don’t be snark-y

Oh, you better watch out, you better not try
To enter that door, I’m telling you why,
Sarah-Claus has come home, to town!

North of the Range, Alaska

Politifact awards Sarah Palin “Liar of the Year”
December 19, 2009

Finally, Sarah Palin has actually won something! Her outstanding entry in the category of outright lies – ‘Death Panels’ – scored a resounding 61% of the vote in Politifact’s poll. She beat seven other major liars.

The editors of, the fact-checking Web site of the St. Petersburg Times, have chosen it as our inaugural “Lie of the Year.”

Politifact has a list of Sarah Palin’s more egregious lies here.

Sarah Palin also won the Punchumgum award for “Liar of the Century” with this gold-medal lying about her “son”.

Here’s another favorite lie: “I’m a runner” … since when are genuine female runners raddled with cellulite?

Sarah Palin and Tiger Woods are “family”!
December 4, 2009

John Ziegler, well-known white middle-aged admirer of Sarah Palin and fantasist producer of sycophantic Palin movies, is also very much in love with Tiger Woods!

Ziegler has nominated himself “Pastor” of the First Church of Tiger Woods on his fansite,

In a doubly bad day for Ziegler, not only did Tiger Woods not turn out to be a god (just a rampant adulterer), Sarah Palin lied again on national radio about the parentage of her son Trig.

For the uninitiated, Tri-21 and Tri-G (Trig) are medical shorthand for the biological condition known as Down’s Syndrome. You have to admit it would be hard naming even a Palin child Tri21.

Sarah paid good money for the Trig scam and it looks like she’s going to have to keep on paying even better money …. what a shame she doesn’t bother to have the poor little kid looked after properly.