Sarah Palin’s Outrageous Lies About Trig

Six thousand interested members of the press and public have downloaded the BABYGATE summary from Palingates, the blog dedicated to exposing Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy and her other lies.

No corporate media will touch the lies about Trig Palin until the day that some government worker walks away from their well-paid job in Alaska and risks going to jail. It will happen. Plenty of people know the truth but without the hard evidence that’s banned under HIPAA it will take some time for Sarah Palin to be publicly exposed as the fraud and liar she is for claiming she birthed Trig Palin after some wild overnight ride from Texas.

Given it’s also common knowledge that Bristol Palin was pregnant in 2007 (as well as 2008) and the general consensus is that Trig Palin was born earlier than April 18, many people believe that Bristol Palin is the natural mother of Trig. It’s also no secret, however, that Todd Palin was screwing around at the North Slope and in town – so could Todd at least be the sire of Trig? The baby would have to come from somewhere within the family because the Palins don’t have any close friends – in fact, so little do they enjoy the company of others (and each other) they don’t even have a dining table.

The only thing that is certain is that Sarah Palin lied about giving birth to Trig. She never had a bun in that oven …. but a few times she had a cushion cooking …..

“Blanket” Jackson is real – “Pillow” Palin is not ….

… and she claimed she has “tight abs” ….. I don’t think so, Sarah, looks to me like you pork up well and truly when you’re really pregnant!

See what a normal 33-week pregnancy really looks like …. does this look like a small, square cushion? How do you like your chances of hiding it for hour and hours on successive airplanes? The owner of this tummy blogged her pregnancy on Youtube, commencing here.