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Sarah Palin Bombs on American Idol
February 24, 2011

In her recent literary offering, Mrs Palin wrote very nasty things about American Idol contestants, insisting they were spoiled by their over-indulgent parents not telling them all their lives that they sucked, so it’s no surprise she’s persona non grata at that great TV institution.

But ….. the Palin flying monkeys’ policy is to use every website available to post comments making everything about Palin. And one brave flapping monkey posted on a Yahoo column about last night’s show.

There is some hope for the country when even young fans of American Idol don’t take Sarah Palin seriously as an adult (or as anything else).

And the question that really needs to be asked is: Why didn’t Mama Grisly tell Bristol that she sucked at dancing?

Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe Malfunction
February 23, 2011

Middle-aged women should not wear mini-skirts, period. Middle-aged Sarah Palin should not wear mini-skirts because the whole world knows she needs to cover up her cottage-cheese thighs. Remember?

What sane woman would wear a mini-skirt with these?

Get off the bus, Sarah. You’re TOO DAMNED OLD!

New Alaskan Book Will Expose the Ugly Truth About Sarah Palin
February 21, 2011

Palin’s own website is running urgent damage control with four defensive stories in one day after news of Frank Bailey’s book got out. The book is based on tens of thousands of emails in Bailey’s possession – emails sent and received through the undercover email network that Palin established as governor in order to conduct State business in secret.

ABC (big Palin fans) and other media outlets are accusing Bailey in their headlines of “bashing” Palin. Bloggers are asking how the manuscript got out.

ABC is misleading deliberately – Frank Bailey’s book does not bash Sarah Palin, it merely provides evidence of the truth. The ABC network already demonstrated its interest in the truth by sending Robin Roberts to Alaska to rub herself up against Sarah Palin and provide a flattering contrast to Palin and the snow.

Roberts interviews her 9yo driver, Piper Palin, about the hard issues

The only thing that really matters is that someone had the foresight to keep hard evidence of Sarah Palin’s two years of corruption in State government – not to mention her illegal campaign activities getting the job. How that news broke out is immaterial; she is finished.

So, in spite of ABC’s best efforts (and those of the other networks) to keep their cash cow producing cream, it’s definitely bye bye, conservatives4palin, you’re out of the race now; bye bye, mainstream media …. once you’ve wrung the upcoming Palin scandals dry and she is in hiding you will have to go back to working for a living, assuming that there’s a reason for your existence. And if allegations are correct that the freshly-minted neofascist Mitt Romney was involved in Palin’s illegal campaign activities in 2006, it’s bye bye to Romney.

And hopefully it will be “bye bye” for Trig, too, and he can go back to his birth mother. He’s of no further use to Sarah Palin.

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Millionaire Celebrity Anarchist Sarah Palin Urges Wisconsin Public Employees to Suck It Up
February 20, 2011

America’s Back-Seat Driver™ doesn’t plan on being anywhere near the anti-union Tea Party rallies in Madison today, but it’s probably just as well. Flying in a high-fashion media parasite who won’t leave her mansion for less than a $100,000 payday to scold a bunch of greedy teachers, police* and firefighters* for not helping Gov. Scott Walker hide his intentional tanking of Wisconsin’s finances is probably bad optics.

Of course, that didn’t stop humble-union-member-turned-rich-union-basher Palin from mounting her Facebook pulpit to urge Wisconsin’s public servants to turn on their leaders and become selfless accomplices to their own ruin, all in the name of “shared” sacrifice:

Presidentess Kochsucker Lips

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Sarah Palin: Rumple Stilts Skin
February 19, 2011

Madame Brothel-Keeper Presidentess

A crumpled cocktail suit complete with short skirt to make old-white-guy viewing easier, hair by Trailerpark Traditions, pornstar leopard-print platforms … add a tacky stars-and-stripes bracelet and Presidentess Palin is good to go – for lunch.

Cue Barry White ...

Take a look at two ladies who can be trusted to dress themselves appropriately – and neither of them running for any public office.

Shame on you, Bristol Palin
February 17, 2011

I’m sure we all remember Bristol ‘Miss Piggy’ Palin being dragged around the studio – or writhing on the floor, or simply stroking herself – on Dancing With the Stars. The Teabaggers spammed the voting until Miss Piggy collected a neat $345,000 for her very professional pelvic thrusting.

Now watch this lady, who’s older than Bristol Palin’s grandmother. Watch as she puts her foot down, saying, “I’m not Bristol Palin and this is not Dancing With the Stars – so quit dragging me around the floor and start dancing!”


We’re not worthy, Ma’am.

Bristol Palin ought to return every penny.

The Palin Cult: “Super Sunday – the Day to Celebrate Sarah”
February 7, 2011

This single, white psycho is a scholar of ancient languages. His sister has threatened an intervention because his home is such a pigsty. He’s a hoarder of newspapers (“all of ’em, any of ’em that have been in front of me all these years … “).

The only thing he has in common with Sarah Palin is mental illness.

Brianus.Berkleianus says:
February 6, 2011 at 8:07 AM

My Dear Friends in Sarah,

Happy Sunday to you all!!

And let us proclaim with joy and pride:



And I think that, in future years, on that special day that is now just five paces and days forward in the calendar, that is, on 11 February, God willing, we will be saying:




I know that we are getting ready for the big game, so I would just like very briefly to add a few comments that were inspired by a late post that techno made on yesterday’s morning open thread. He said that, in his opinion, the best interview the Governor has done to date is the one that she gave last February to Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday). Now, since that interview did in fact occur on Super Sunday last year, it seems appropriate to comment on it today, since we have come full circle to another Super Bowl weekend.

I am inclined to concur with techno’s assessment; however, in lieu of discussing the entire interview, I would like to focus on a brief, brilliant, mighty moment of it that came at the very end. These were a few seconds that still live and breathe and reverberate and echo in the vault of my memory.

Wallace asked Sarah something like the following: “Am I going to get at least one ‘You betcha!’ out of you?” Without missing a beat, she fired right back, “You betcha!!” In one scintillating double entendre, she both answered Wallace’s question, and simultaneously gave him his “You betcha”!! She accomplished two things in one seamless stroke of dexterity in tongue and wit!!!

It was, for me, a stunningly brilliant instant. In one or two seconds she conceives and executes the perfect rejoinder to Wallace. I am reminded of Willie Mays’ famous catch on Vic Wertz’ drive in Game One of the 1954 World Series. In one unbroken and infrangible motion, the fluidity of genius, Mays makes the catch while racing full tilt toward the wall at the old Polo Grounds in New York, and then whirls counterclockwise to get force behind his throw back to the infield. Sarah’s answer was similar, I think, in its perfection and grace of spontaneous genius.

Some may be inclined to minimize an incident like this, to reckon it as irrelevant or unimportant.

I think not.

The immortal Plutarch told us, almost two thousand years ago, in one of his Parallel Lives, his Life of Alexander the Great, that we can discern the character and temper of great leaders sometimes from the tiniest, most minuscule gestures and utterances that come forth from their souls’ depths.

I think that the Sarah who so flawlessly fielded Mr. Wallace’s question, under the hot glare and pressure of a national-TV interview, is the same Sarah who will, quickly, decisively, brilliantly make decisions in times of crisis for our country.

I might add that she was absolutely radiant and feisty that day (not that she isn’t always!)–and this scintillating conclusion to the talk with Wallace was just the crown and summit that was set atop a magnificent edifice of an interview.

Enjoy the big game!–YOU BETCHA!!!!

God bless you all!!

SARAH 2012!!!!!!!!!!

The Sarah Palin Cult Followers of the Day
February 5, 2011

Palin was on the teevee last night, trying to pretend that she doesn’t think she’s Reagan in a short skirt and pornstar platforms.

The Palin Cult couldn’t restrain themselves. I hope some of them washed their hands before posting. eww!

God’s only daughter, Jesus Palin

exodus2011 says:

yup, I picture Gov Palin standing before the Shining City on a Hill, with her supporters around her – she is holding aloft a lamp, calling and beckoning to her fellow citizens below who are still slumbering ….. she will wake them up …. they will start to climb the hill too, as they connect with her American Heart …

Conservative Family Values – the Sarah Palin Vibrator

bamleader says:

Lump in my throat and I feel like I do after making love to my husband.