The Sarah Palin Cult Followers of the Day

Palin was on the teevee last night, trying to pretend that she doesn’t think she’s Reagan in a short skirt and pornstar platforms.

The Palin Cult couldn’t restrain themselves. I hope some of them washed their hands before posting. eww!

God’s only daughter, Jesus Palin

exodus2011 says:

yup, I picture Gov Palin standing before the Shining City on a Hill, with her supporters around her – she is holding aloft a lamp, calling and beckoning to her fellow citizens below who are still slumbering ….. she will wake them up …. they will start to climb the hill too, as they connect with her American Heart …

Conservative Family Values – the Sarah Palin Vibrator

bamleader says:

Lump in my throat and I feel like I do after making love to my husband.

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