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Sarah Palin Unveils Her New Disguise: “Do I Look Presidential Yet?”
March 29, 2011

Halloween's not until October, Sarah

Will anyone be fooled by the wig dumped on the back of her head or the absence of her greasy bangs (and does this mean she’s going to start showering regularly?) or will folks be more struck by how those frames highlight her facelift? Could those eyebrows have been pulled any higher?

Sarah Palin Requested Special Treatment in India: India said “NO”
March 24, 2011

No royal treatment for Queen Esther in India

“Just a hockey mom from Wasilla” Sarah Palin tried very hard indeed to spin her recent trip to an annual media gabfest into a diplomatic mission, according to the US Embassy in New Delhi, who passed her request for special treatment to India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The Americans wanted the MEA to treat Palin’s visit at par with a senior ministerial visit. This would have mandated the MEA to depute an official-in-waiting on Palin and arrange for other things like hooting escort vehicles and guards, according to Tehelka magazine.

Indian politicians and dignitaries are constantly the butt of racial profiling and rude treatment when traveling in the United States.

Over in Israel Bibi Netanyahu, with all his problems with his big mouth, bad press, wrongheadedness and inflated sense of himself, needed the distraction of being seen spending an evening with an even bigger mouth and ego, and worse press. Witnesses say he told Mrs Palin all about Queen Esther – but he’s way too late because Sarah Palin is already convinced that she is the new Queen Esther. Still, I guess she had no problem sitting there and playing dumb.

So – what do Indians think about Sarah Palin NOW?
March 20, 2011

Indian wit Pundit Commentator blogged last night’s proceedings.

And the GlobalPost summed up:

Sarah Palin – Rising Star or Queen of the Has-beens?

“Televised China-bashing may not be the best way to bolster a reputation for ignorance and incompetence in foreign policy, but it makes better TV than blah blah about “strategic partnerships,” doesn’t it?”

Sarah Palin’s Beauty Competition in India: 2nd runner-up again
March 18, 2011

Mrs Palin will be the very last speaker at the 2011 India Today Conclave on Saturday night, following a solid day-and-a-half of meetings on far more important subjects than “Let me just tell you that my husband is part-Indian and trash my democratically-elected President one more time” – meetings addressed by actual achievers. She’s so important that she’s speaking after the allocation of ‘free time’ in the programme (‘free time’ being the point at which truly busy people will leave).

Among Mrs Palin’s competition are two accomplished and beautiful women of intelligence, Dr Germaine Greer (who needs no introduction) and Fatima Bhutto.

"I didn't fight to get women out from behind vacuum cleaners to get them onto the board of Hoover."

Hair and eyebrows by 1971, glorious facial structure by genetics

In the mid-1970s, Germaine Greer appeared on conservative William F. Buckley’s Firing Line. In his memoir On the Firing Line: The Public Life of Our Public Figures, Buckley recalled that Greer had “trounced him” during the debate. He wrote, “Nothing I said, and memory reproaches me for having performed miserably, made any impression or any dent in the argument. She carried the house overwhelmingly.”

Fatima Bhutto, a member of the well-known Pakistani Bhutto political dynasty, is a celebrated journalist and author of a stunning political autobiography, Songs of Blood and Sword.

Fatima Bhutto’s aunt was the late Benazir Bhutto, twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the only woman ever to lead a Muslim nation.

None of these ladies required the chipmunk-cheek implants, jaw-softening chin implant, botox, eyebrow lift, fake tan, hair extensions, short skirts and pornstar platform shoes that Sarah Palin needs, to get attention. A good education was sufficient.

What Sarah “Limp” Palin WON’T be seeing in India
March 18, 2011


Who does Michele Bachmann think she is? Sarah Palin?
March 13, 2011

Bachmann or Palin? Only their dentists know for sure.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota stood before New Hampshire Republicans with a tea bag clutched in her hand Saturday, but her grasp on Revolutionary War geography wasn’t quite as tight.

Before headlining a GOP fundraiser, the possible presidential hopeful told a group of students and conservative activists in Manchester, “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord, you started the battle for liberty right here in your backyard. And you put a marker in the ground and paid with the blood of your ancestors.”

Though Bachmann probably wasn’t the first to confuse Concord, N.H., with Concord, Mass., her mistake was striking given her roots in the tea party movement, which takes its name from the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor by angry American colonists in December 1773, 16 months before the Battle of Lexington Green.

She made an almost identical gaffe Friday at a New Hampshire fundraiser, the Minnesota Post reported.

Bachmann’s visit to the state that traditionally holds the first presidential primary suggests she is seriously weighing a run for the GOP nomination in 2012. But critics say her tendency to embrace the Revolution while making errors about it shows she is not ready for prime time.

“She makes Sarah Palin look like Count Metternich,” Mike Murphy, a longtime Republican consultant, said on Twitter, referring to the 19th-century European diplomat.

“Is she on her way to Lexington, N.H., now?” cracked Matt Suermann, who blogs for RedHampshire, in response to somebody who posted on Twitter that Bachmann had left the building.

What is it with these idiot conservative women? In January, Bachmann ranted about the founding fathers “working tirelessly” to end slavery, and when asked about action against Libya on Meet the Press last Sunday she responded, “We are extended now in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I think for us to consider further penetration at this time, we need to listen to Gen. Petraeus and what he has to say”, to which Politico replied:

Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, should know that Petraeus is the commander of American forces in Afghanistan and is not in the chain of command when it comes to military decisions about Libya.

Founding Fathers = FAIL
Military = FAIL
Teabaggers ‘History’ = FAIL

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are as equally ignorant of US history as they are of US politics. The only talent they possess is sniping at their democratically-elected president (he’s half-black, you know).

But don’t think for a moment that their pig-ignorance will stop either of them running for the black man’s job; it won’t. They’re proud of their ignorance and so are their fans.

Bachmann has already campaigned in Iowa and South Carolina; her trifecta is complete. Palin is in hiding from the GOP debate, but her flying monkeys are typing day and night, actively hating any and all other potential pretenders to Jesus Palin’s rightful GOP heavenly crown, although Bachmann is giving them particular headaches because they have inside info that she is running, according to reports from Palinbots in South Carolina and Iowa:

lakecarolinagop says:
February 24, 2011 at 11:06 PM
I am on the ground and connected here in SC. I was invited to a lunch meeting where I was asked to join her “team” here in South Carolina. The person who asked me used to be a die-hard Palin fan and was suddenly spewing very negative talking points to me about Palin. I was shocked. The message that I got was that they are going to use the “quitter” approach and decided to get in when they heard Huck was out.

These fightin’ words have led to disarray inside the Palin Cult. In their eyes, Michele Bachmann (she’s the one who birthed all of her babies) has all the qualities of Sarah Palin except for a couple of leisurely years of avoiding work while enjoying the title and salary of ‘governor’ (this is “executive experience” in Pbot-speak). Bachmann also didn’t quit her elected position to enrich herself, though it’s certain that a lot of folks would be glad to pay her to go the f*ck away.

Still, the Palin Cult is so threatened by Michele Bachmann that they fight among themselves about “Judas” every day (you didn’t believe that they revere Palin as Jesus Christ herself?):

crunchingk says:
March 11, 2011 at 6:31 PM
Zoo I don’t spout off at the mouth! I said last week let’s give her the benifit of the dought .however I’ve seen enough evidence to come to a rational decsion .this woman beloved she is better than palin and she’s trying to upstage her and now is lying about her running!!!i’m finished talking about this as tecnos analogy is perfect but belive me when mb announces I will attack her with every once !!!!!!!

Zooropa says:
Don’t tell me what to do. And, for crying out loud, get a dictionary or use spellcheck. You write like a nine year old.

JAN says:
Knock it off with the personal attacks.

Zooropa says:
Butt out.

Good old Palin Cult – ever vigilant and ready to attack with every once!

crunchingk says:
March 12, 2011 at 9:35 PM
I thought we were done talking about judas!!!

PhilipJames says:
March 12, 2011 at 10:07 PM
For cuchingk..
Okay, that’s it. Every time I come here and find some dolt slamming Bachmann, I am going to say something. For one, Bachmann has not declared she is running for the Republican nomination. Sarah Palin has not declared she is running for the nomination. Both women are some of the strongest Conservatives in the Nation and both appear to be friendly to each other. Unless I hear from Sarah Palin that she is not happy with what Michele Bachmann is doing or that they are both in the race, then I am going to treat anyone here who bitches about Bachmann, calls her names, swears about her or anything negative, as a troll. A plant. An unwelcome poster.
And I don’t care if some here don’t like that.
Unless you have absolute proof that Bachmann is doing Sarah harm, STFU about Bachmann.

Poor little P-brains, unraveling a little more every day …

Photo courtesy of dickipedia

And, by the way, Mrs Shit-for-Brains Bachmann: those were Punchumgum’s ancestors spilling their blood! No doubt yours were too busy dumping tea somewhere off the coast of Lexington KY.

Sarah Palin’s Desperation to Avoid the 1st GOP Presidential Debate
March 9, 2011

Sarah Palin was recently scheduled to address a function staged by some inactive tinpot “military” charity organization in Colorado, on the very date of the first GOP Presidential debate. Tickets didn’t sell and the event was canceled. It turned out the charity had no money, either. Exit Sarah Palin.

Naturally, rather than admit that even “the troops” weren’t interested in her any longer, Palin’s camp manufactured claims of “threats” to her.

“Due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Governor Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns,” the organizers posted on Facebook.

The Sarah Palin Worship Cult weighed in, offering their goddess some additional victimization conspiracies:
BostonBruin says:
Of course, it’s possible that the Gov. has reason to believe that NBC/Politico were behind the threats that forced the cancellation of the initial fundraiser.

And, as usual, spokespersons for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Denver Police Department and Colorado Bureau of Investigation said they had not received reports of threats related to Palin’s planned speech. It seems that only Alaska police are prepared to lie for Sarah Palin.

So what is she to do? With her ‘excuse’ canceled, people everywhere will be wanting to know if she’s going to front up and debate with real politicians. And they’ll be making fun of her.

John Andrews to the rescue! The Denver Post reports:

‘When the original event was canceled, John Andrews, an enterprising sort, immediately called Palin’s people to tell them that Palin was, in fact, always welcome in Colorado. I guess he didn’t see the danger, either.

Andrews was trying to get Palin to attend his Western Conservative Summit event, which last year was best known for producing the Lone Tree Declaration. The event, unfortunately, wasn’t actually in Lone Tree — it was in Littleton — and the town of Lone Tree disavowed the whole thing, especially the declaration.

On the other hand, nobody was threatened and the event was a success.

This year, Andrews was hoping to bring in some presidential candidates, such as, maybe, Palin.

“I remember that it was the day of the Super Bowl,” Andrews is telling me about the call. “They said to make it quick because they wanted to watch the game. When I asked about July, they said why not do it on May 2, which was still an open date on Palin’s calendar, and why not do it as a tribute to the military.”

Faster than you can say “wounded caribou,” Andrews had Palin lined up, with Colorado Christian University — whose think tank he heads — as the sponsor. All proceeds will go to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), a charity that benefits families of fallen troops.

There are at least two notable features, besides the cost — which is a slightly more reasonable $25. Andrews says that Palin, known for her hefty speaking fees, is doing the event pro bono. And the affair will take place the same night as the first Republican primary debate at the Reagan Library in Santa Barbara.’

Money-hungry Sarah Palin is so desperate to avoid the GOP debate that she is prepared to screech her usual nonsense – and pull her rubbery faces – free of charge.

Bristol Palin’s Book Cover No.2
March 8, 2011

Bristol Palin’s Book Cover
March 2, 2011