Sarah Palin Requested Special Treatment in India: India said “NO”

No royal treatment for Queen Esther in India

“Just a hockey mom from Wasilla” Sarah Palin tried very hard indeed to spin her recent trip to an annual media gabfest into a diplomatic mission, according to the US Embassy in New Delhi, who passed her request for special treatment to India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The Americans wanted the MEA to treat Palin’s visit at par with a senior ministerial visit. This would have mandated the MEA to depute an official-in-waiting on Palin and arrange for other things like hooting escort vehicles and guards, according to Tehelka magazine.

Indian politicians and dignitaries are constantly the butt of racial profiling and rude treatment when traveling in the United States.

Over in Israel Bibi Netanyahu, with all his problems with his big mouth, bad press, wrongheadedness and inflated sense of himself, needed the distraction of being seen spending an evening with an even bigger mouth and ego, and worse press. Witnesses say he told Mrs Palin all about Queen Esther – but he’s way too late because Sarah Palin is already convinced that she is the new Queen Esther. Still, I guess she had no problem sitting there and playing dumb.