Sarah Palin Cult Show How They Scammed TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential” Poll

Sarah Palin’s former right-hand man Frank Bailey tells in his forthcoming book of the Palin administration’s habit of scamming media polls. Palin buddy and endorsement, disgraced US Senate candidate Joe Miller, was fired for using work colleagues’ computers to scam a poll on his own website (and lying about it). It’s not a stretch to figure that the Palin Cult has the full support of Mrs Jesus Palin, only daughter of God, in their nasty endeavors.

IsraeliCojones [Moderator] 4 hours ago
Repost from other threads: About the TIME 100 poll:

– Sarah was at 155 yesterday;
– She’s at 47 now, hence she gained 108 places in 24 hrs;

BHO is at 45, and she’s 230 votes away from beating him. You can do it, Palinistas.

Please also note that some haters also drive up her negatives, so keep it up until the poll is closed.

A few tip to optimize the vote:

Tip 1

– erase the cookies
– put in the “Exceptions” (don’t accept cookies from this site)
– after that you can revote by just refreshing the page. 😉

Tip 2

Bookmark the link in your personal bar, so that it is immediately accessible, and then open it in several tabs in Firefox or IE. You will then vote more rapidly.

Tip 3

For Firefox:

– to navigate through tabs: Ctrl + Tab
– to close a tab: Ctrl + W

Tip 4

When typing the crappy string before submitting your vote:

– don’t take accents, capital letters, bizarre signs or punctuation (.;? etc) into account: the string is valid even if you exclusively write in lower case letters without anything else (except space maybe, I haven’t tested this one).

– refresh the string for another one (circled arrows) if you can’t read it.

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IsraeliCojones [Moderator] Yesterday 09:01 PM in reply to Right_Wingnut
The tips I have given are fairly efficient to optimize the vote:

– first I open 10 tabs;
– I wait for all the pages to load;
– I click on yes on the first then go to the second etc (Ctrl+Tab)
– then i come back to the first and type the string + submit
– when I’m done, I type Ctrl+W until all tabs are closed.

Hence, I can vote 10 times in 1 minute or so.

Unfortunately, I have to go to sleep (it’s 4:00 am here), but if 10 guys would do as I say during half an hour, well, she would surge 😉