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Sarah Palin Employee, Rebecca Mansour: BIG. FAT. LIAR.
May 24, 2011

The face that launched a thousand insults

Super-sized queen of vitriol, Rebecca Mansour, has put her big foot right in the poo.

It seems that failed-screenwriter Mansour, the inelegant voice who puts words in Palin’s mouth, got very “friendly” with an online identity and shared quite a few tidbits about life with the Palins – among other things – via Direct-Message Twitter. The unknown identity has passed those Tweets to the right-wing Daily Caller blog, who published some of them yesterday.

The Daily Caller had, of course, contacted Mansour prior to publication. Mansour replied that the Tweets weren’t hers, claiming they were Photoshopped – and even made up a story about how the Photoshopping came about:

“I did actually send him one direct message. He was asking for – it was like something really innocuous – he was just asking for information about something. And I just replied and said, ‘no’ or something like that. And then the kid then used that and started to create direct messages. And that was like a real serious thing for me because I realized anyone can do that with like a screencap,” Mansour explained.

Mansour playing dumb that way isn’t going to work with anyone in the media because they’ve known the real her for a long time – remember Mansour’s infamous “surveyors’ marks” lie? – and the Daily Caller wasn’t going to be fobbed off with the usual Palin Camp ‘Photoshop” bullshit dogwhistle:

TheDC then took steps to authenticate whether the messages were real, including logging into a Hotmail account that received email announcements from Twitter with the content of the direct messages in them. Two forensic computer analysts verified that the emails had been sent from Twitter’s servers after searching the message source code for signs of forgery.

Presented with this evidence, Mansour changed her story from an initial denial to anger (“this is really kind of skeezy”), bargaining (“can I just appeal to you to leave the Bristol stuff alone?”), and sadness at the consequences of her words (“this is going to destroy my reputation simply because people will say, ‘why were you sending a direct [message to a Palin activist]?’”).

Perhaps the deservedly-lonely Bekki fell in love with the avatar of an attractive young man and imagined she was having a “personal, private” cyber-relationship with a “friend”. Reading the Tweets, two things stand out: 1) she was so into him he was ‘reading her mind’, and 2) she was aware she was being indiscreet.

Finally, rather than answer questions about the context of the messages, Mansour sent a short statement saying the messages were part of “personal private conversations between myself and someone who I thought was a friend.”

The Palin camp screws up so often it’s hardly noteworthy any more, but what is definitely surprising is some of the responses from the Palin Cult; some of them are more than ready to throw ‘RAM’ under the famous Palin bus (where she would have plenty of company with whom she’s on first-name terms):

It’s one thing if you are gofer in the campaign and you tell tales out of school but when you are in charge of SarahPAC, Palin’s fundraising arm you are in a position of responsibility that unfortunately reflects favorably or unfavorably on your boss as the case may be. It just goes with the territory.

It’s not good. she herself is saying it’s confidential and she shouldn’t be repeating.

It looks like ram lied to dc if so she’s probobly toast!well maybye this will get team palin to get a pro media machine this is the bigleages!

I do trust Sarah to do what’s best for her & if it’s without RAM, that’s fine by me.

She didnt even know the person !!!! It was some random person online … Maybe RAM was just trying to show off or whatever. I dont know but the bottom line is RAM is hurting Sarah and she has not even announced yet.

I am sure RAM is a great person and everything, but the reality is she proved she does not have the discipline to be involved in a presidential campaign. Thats not a knock on her, but this battle in 2012 is for all the marbles. Axelrod and Plouffe would eat RAM alive if Romneys hired guns didnt do it first. I dont think Sarah has any choice but to cut ties with RAM over this. This is not going to just blow over by itself.

How can any intelligent person have such intimate conversations with someone they’ve never met in person? It’s mind-boggling.

Rebecca: Whoever told you “just be yourself” couldn’t have given you worse advice.

Is she young and part of the whole “twitter-I-am-in-Starbucks-restroom-taking-a-number-2” generation? Otherwise how could anyone be so stupid as to say such things?

Lazlo in PA
Mybe I’m ugly, but not as outright stupid as this moron Rebecca. Can you think of a more ill advised thing to do?

She should be fired immediately. What else is the Daily Caller withholding about the inner working of the family? Having her name to this and the fact that she is the supposed right hand man of Palin puts this too close.

DeVore is a solid Conservative and a lot of us were upset with Palin backing the RINO. At no point did anyone get the impression that he is a sleaze looking for a drive time radio slot. I don’t like it.

Bad form on Mansour’s part to betray a trust with Sarah Palin to share *confidential* information with anyone.

Her tight inner circle doesn’t really get discretion too well, do they?

A few of the Palinutz think Mrs Palin should give Blabbermouth Bekki a break …

sarahpalinrocks2 to Palin_Patriot
RAM is smart. She can explain this when given a chance. The Bristol comments are the most embarrassing in my opinion. RAM will know better next time and choose her online confidants with greater discretion.

…. but only a few ….

Palin_Patriot to sarahpalinrocks2
(referring to President Obama) He’s going to be twice as dangerous from a “running a campaign” angle as he was in 2008, and you want Sarah to counter that with RAM, of the “let me tweet some really damaging things to some person online I just met”?

Now, ask yourself why a right-wing blog should be dissing Mrs Palin …

Is this the answer?

Sarah Palin [via wordsmith Mansour] launched a lengthy attack on The Daily Caller via Facebook on Wednesday in which she slammed the conservative-leaning news organization for not featuring her quotes prominently enough.



Those wacky Taiwanese of Next Media Animation have already made a figure of fun of Mansour, depicting her in their latest cartoon furiously Tweeting, with steam bursting from her ears:

Update 2:

Visiting briefly from her exile in Siberia, Bekki Mansour was spotted on June 29th, stalking Sarah Palin at the premiere of Palin’s Tribute to Herself, The UnderFetid.

Sarah Palin’s Game
May 16, 2011

Palin Cult: “Why Sarah Palin has already lost the Republican Presidential nomination”
May 7, 2011

“Fight like a girl” …

“I believe the Obama WH and the Left are in talks right now with the MSM, informal and formal, to discuss the best way to cover Sarah Palin once she enters the Presidential race and the various approaches and strategies they will employ on an ongoing and rotational basis to discredit and marginalize her.

And another key part of this strategy is to build up or tout the credentials of her GOP opponents and how wonderful these folks are and how smart and politically savvy and articulate that they are and in contrast how inferior Palin is to these brilliant political minds and completely out of her league.

And they will pound these narratives every day in some form until someone else but Sarah Palin wins the GOP nomination.”

“Game Over” already, botz?

Mama always said, “There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes.”
May 3, 2011

Presidentess Palin impresses again.