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A Game: Spot the Palin Woman Who Was Never Pregnant and Unmarried
June 29, 2011

From left: Unwed Teen Mother Kandice, Shotgun Bride Sarah, Unwed Teen Mother Bristol, Shotgun Bride Britta, Never-Pregnant-and-Unmarried Piper.

Let’s play again: Spot the Palin/Heath Woman Who’s Never Been Pregnant and Unmarried:

The Palin-Heath Women Who Can’t Keep Their Panties Up Club:
Back row from left: Abby Heath, Sarah Palin’s middle-aged brother Chuck Heath’s latest Shotgun Bride, Unwed Teen Mother Kandice, Shotgun Bride Sarah, Unwed Teen Mother Bristol, Shotgun Bride Britta, Sarah Palin’s mother Shotgun Bride Sally, Sarah Palin’s sister Shotgun Bride Molly. Front row: Never-Pregnant-and-Unmarried Piper (honorary member).

It seems that the only one of these freaks who stopped rutting long enough to organize some contraception is Willow Palin. For now.

Why You Should NOT Buy Bristol Palin’s Book of Lies
June 28, 2011

It’s all over the internet FREE. Like here, for example.

Michele Bachmann & Sarah Palin: who is the more stupid and who is the bigger liar?
June 28, 2011

This is so like a chicken-and-egg thing, isn’t it? Which one was a STUPID LIAR first?

1. I wasn’t paying attention in history class.

Bachmann: While pandering in NH, claimed the shot heard around the world was fired in “Lexington and Concord”, New Hampshire.

Reality: Lexington, Massachusetts

Palin: Claimed Paul Revere rode through town ringing his bell and firing shots to warn the British.

Reality: Paul Revere rode silently under cover of night because the mission was secret.

2. I wasn’t paying attention in geography class.

Bachmann: While pandering in Iowa, claimed John Wayne came from Waterloo, IA – where she was born.

Reality: John Wayne did not – but serial-killer John Wayne Gacy DID.

Palin: While pandering in California, claimed Ronald Reagan attended “California’s Eureka College”.

Reality: Reagan attended Eureka College in Illinois – where he was born and raised.

4. I didn’t pay attention in biology class.

Bachmann: “I have a titanium spine”.

Reality: She is a middle-aged woman with her share of arthritic degradation and osteoporosis.

Palin: “I have a still spine.”

Reality: She is a middle-aged woman with her share of arthritic degradation and osteoporosis.

4. I didn’t pay attention to who birthed my kids.

Bachmann: “I raised 23 foster kids.”

Reality: She did no such thing – and will soon be exposed for this lie.

Palin: “I delivered Trig from my very own loins in Alaska on April 18, 2008 after endangering my unborn baby’s life for 26 hours.”

Reality: She did no such thing – and will soon be exposed for this lie.

Running for President (or Queen Esther) is gonna be hell, girls!

Sarah Palin Cult Rejects Disabled Palin Fans: “WE need to look young and active, not like Tea Party”
June 28, 2011

So much for “you will have a friend and advocate in the White House”.

The shallowness – and desperation – of Mrs Palin and the Palin Cult is being exposed at 100 mph these days …

ritachang2 [Moderator] Today 05:45 PM
Can I make a suggestion? For those who are going to be able to go to Pella, dress well (conservatively). You don’t need to wear a flag shirt or cap. Nothing garish!!! Have you ever seen Sarah wear something like that? OK, then! Also, no motor scooters. WE NEED TO LOOK YOUNG AND ACTIVE — not like your typical TEA Party!!!
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Got that, Teabaggers? The Sarah Palin Cult thinks you’re ugly and useless …

We wondered how all of this squared with Palin Cult Head Bitch, Bekki Mansour. She’s morbidly obese, just this side of a scooter herself. We noticed she was in the vicinity of the world premiere of Sarah Palin’s Tribute to Herself, The UnderFetid, this week (although the betting is she’s still exiled to Siberia).

There is still hope for the Teapotties, however – The New Queen Esther, Michelle Bachmann, just loves people who are “different”; one look at this guy tells you that.

Bristol Palin’s New Chin™ … so big you can now find it on a map!
June 25, 2011

And pretty soon her new fat lips will have their own zipcode …

… but that prehistoric monster jawbone will probably need an international treaty.

Michele Bachmann’s Book Cover
June 18, 2011

Pulitzer Prize Winner POLITIFACT – A Long List of Sarah Palin’s Lies
June 10, 2011

You can get the truth here.

Sarah Palin’s Racist Cult
June 9, 2011

The Sarah Palin Cultists took time out from posting their hatred of Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann today. I don’t recall Herman Cain ever commenting on Sarah Palin, but perhaps he didn’t have to (he’s black, did you notice?).

This statment was defended by several other Palin Cultists yesterday:

"Uppity" Negro Herman Cain

Since Herman Cain’s not a “rill pro-American” perhaps he’s uppity and ignorant and Kenyan at the same time.

Forbes Magazine Hits Out at Sarah Palin’s Flying Monkeys for “making a hero of the Revolution into a traitor”
June 5, 2011

In an article titled The Palin Apologists Strike Back!, Rick Ungar of Forbes Magazine’s ‘The Policy Page’ takes offense at efforts by Sarah Palin’s Cult to contort their leader’s uneducated blathering about Paul Revere into something else entirely, thereby distorting the truth even further:

“Following the Sarah Palin playbook of never admitting error, the ex-governor’s minions are busy flooding the Internet with ’proof’ that Palin did not misspeak when suggesting that Paul Revere warned the British that they would not be taking arms from the colonists during his ride where he, apparently, rung bells and fired muskets.

The effort to back up Palin is based on taking bits and pieces of facts surrounding the historic event that, when cut and pasted together, work to make Palin look a little less befuddled than her actual statement would indicate.

While I give them credit for the effort, I’m afraid that – to any rational person – it is a lost cause.

Let’s set the historic record straight.

The first meme being pushed by the Palin acolytes is that Paul Revere did, indeed, warn the British as to the troop levels of colonists awaiting them.

Not true.

What is true is that Revere was briefly captured (along with two others who managed to quickly escape) and held by the British while on his now legendary ride. With a pistol aimed at his chest, and then his head, Revere was forced to answer the questions put to him. He answered by lying to his British captors, misleading them by overstating the number of armed colonists awaiting the arrival of the Regulars in an effort to give the enemy pause and confuse their mission.

As made clear via Revere’s own letter setting forth the story of the event (which is making the rounds of the conservative blogosphere), and through any number of historic accounts, at no time did Revere warn his captors of anything, or make any rousing speeches as to how they would not be getting their hands on the colonists’ guns as suggested by Gov. Palin.

Revere did what any good patriot would do in that circumstance – he lied to the enemy to aid and protect his compatriots. Thus, when Palin’s legion of defenders suggest that Revere warned the enemy , they are suggesting that he sold out his side.

Any American should be distressed at this effort to paint Paul Revere as less of a patriot – all in the name of defending Sarah Palin’s ridiculous remark.

Read the rest here.