Sarah Palin Cult Rejects Disabled Palin Fans: “WE need to look young and active, not like Tea Party”

So much for “you will have a friend and advocate in the White House”.

The shallowness – and desperation – of Mrs Palin and the Palin Cult is being exposed at 100 mph these days …

ritachang2 [Moderator] Today 05:45 PM
Can I make a suggestion? For those who are going to be able to go to Pella, dress well (conservatively). You don’t need to wear a flag shirt or cap. Nothing garish!!! Have you ever seen Sarah wear something like that? OK, then! Also, no motor scooters. WE NEED TO LOOK YOUNG AND ACTIVE — not like your typical TEA Party!!!
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Got that, Teabaggers? The Sarah Palin Cult thinks you’re ugly and useless …

We wondered how all of this squared with Palin Cult Head Bitch, Bekki Mansour. She’s morbidly obese, just this side of a scooter herself. We noticed she was in the vicinity of the world premiere of Sarah Palin’s Tribute to Herself, The UnderFetid, this week (although the betting is she’s still exiled to Siberia).

There is still hope for the Teapotties, however – The New Queen Esther, Michelle Bachmann, just loves people who are “different”; one look at this guy tells you that.