Sleazy film distributor uses children to bump up attendance at Sarah Palin infomercial

The fundamentalist Victory Film Group is so desperate after the opening failure of Sarah Palin’s glowing tribute to herself that they’ve looked to the kiddies to help her out.

Not everyone’s kids spend their time lying to their parents and getting trashed on booze and fornicating in groups like Bristol Palin habitually did, and the film distributor has tracked down some of the youngest and most vulnerable members of the Sarah Palin Cult to persuade them to record something glowing about the star of the movie investment that’s bleeding money.

It’s bizarre watching a 15-year-old urging Sarah Palin to run for office – and me to vote for her – but I have to admit these kids learned their Palin talking points and ‘victim language’ very, very well.

I have to admit, also, that I’m tired of hearing about the millions of Palin supporters out there – nobody ever mentions which planet these supporters live on!