Sarah Palin Cult making plans to spam Internet Movie Data Base

imDb has for a long time been the go-to site for information about – and responses to – movies and television shows.

Sarah Palin’s poll spamming slaves are about to change all of that. Palin’s movie tribute to herself currently rates 1.5/10 at imDb; let’s see how it looks after a bunch of people who’ve never seen it start spinning it up.

After all, spamming cyber polls worked for Palin when she was governor. Remember her so-called “80% positive” rating?

IsraeliCojones [Moderator] 32 minutes ago

A reminder of what IMDB is:

#38 global site, #25 US site, 57 millions unique users per month.

IOW, a HUGE site, extremely influential to all movie-goers and movie-fans around the world.

The Undefeated is still rated there at 1.5.

Since yesterday we have lost ground. It tells you that the Opposition is still highly motivated in dragging the film down on this influential site:

– the “1” votes are 273 (68.1 + 2.1%) + 107
– the “10” votes are 113 (28.2% – 1.8%) + 37

nick noted yesterday that perhaps voting 8.0 or 9.0 would be more efficient (it’s impossinle to know as long as we don’t get far more numerous votes than the trolls, but you can always try).

Note: some here have reviewed the film but have forgotten to rate it!

Please go there :…

– RATE the film, by scrolling your mouse on the stars under the title, and click on the rate you wish (a “10” would be a good idea); this procedure is the most important and it takes one second.
– vote up good reviews;
– vote down bad reviews (this is important, because the review with the best average gets displayed on the main page)
– post a review if you can;
– pass the link on FB, twitter, and every site you know, and tell them to rate the film.
– while you’re at it, rate up Bannons’s films: he really deserves it.

Keep working on it, Palin Patriots! A reminder:

The trolls always get tired after a few days. It took weeks to turn about the situation at Amazon when Going Rogue came out.
And now the number of “5 stars” is 863, the number of “1 star” is 311, and the average customer review is “4 stars”. A complete success.

Fight the Propaganda Machine.
There’s a campaign coming.
Yes, we can! *cough, cough*

Read more about IMDB here:…

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the repetition (I will repost on the nightly Open Thread).
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