Sarah Palin’s Flying Monkeys NEW ‘Plan B’ to destroy IMDb’s integrity – Update: Israeli Cojones fightback

The respected institution known as IMDb will never be the same now that it has been infested by the infamous Palin toxic stink. IMDb is in good company, though: Palin’s Flying Monkeys last year forced Dancing With the Stars to protect its reputation and its voting system against them, and this year the Palin Fruit Bats were caught altering Paul Revere’s Wikipedia entry to reflect the bullshit that Sarah Palin had sprayed in public about his famous ride; they succeeded in spamming Sarah Palin right up TIME Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ poll only to find to their dismay that TIME completely disregarded the poll …. and let’s not forget the fake Twitter account the Palinutz created using the name of Crivella West, publisher of Palin’s highly-censored emails released a few weeks ago.

Fraud, dishonesty, lies, bullshit, spammed polls … all we need is death threats against judges and it’d be like the Palin Administration all over again!

The Cult’s attempts yesterday to fraudulently raise the IMDb rating of their Queen’s movie tribute to herself failed miserably, so their poll-spamming Einstein is back day and night rallying the Palin footsoldiers …. well, some of ’em ….

IsraeliCojones [Moderator] Today 04:42 PM

Just went to the IMDB site and seriously, the trolls are cleaning our clock.

Here are the updates:

– total votes: 733 (+ 129)

– the “1” votes are 502 (+ 83) and 68.5% (- 0.9%)
– the “10” votes are 202 (+ 40) and 27.6% (+ 0.8%) but also
– the “9” votes are 13 (1.8%) (Palinistas diversifying :D)

Interestingly though, the trolls were 146 more yesterday, and now they are 83 (-63). Is this a sign of fatigue? Wouldn’t bet on it but.

The Palin Patriots vote at a steady average of 45 per day.

Not enough, but better than none. We need more. We need 300 Patriots to vote up this film.

We can win this, by holding our ground until they give up (and they will).

As per usual, post the following link on FB, twitter, everywhere you can:

And tell people to rate the film.…

I will repost a complete post on the next OT, with all the usual reminders.
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juju341 [Moderator] Today 04:51 PM in reply to IsraeliCojones
Give it a rest…means nothing.
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IsraeliCojones [Moderator] Today 05:01 PM in reply to juju341
YOU should give it a rest.

Why don’t you just ignore the post if you’re not interested?

Others are: get over it.
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IsraeliCojones is a woman in Israel, deeply obsessed with Sarah Palin and completely uninterested in the parlous state of her own country. Unsurprisingly, she is also an ardent racist. It’s not known if she does indeed possess testicles.


A reminder of what IMDB is:

#38 global site, #25 US site, 57 millions unique users per month.

IOW, a HUGE site, extremely influential to all movie-goers and movie-fans around the world.

The Undefeated is rated there at 1.6. One 0.1 progress. There’s a long way to go

Since yesterday we have lost ground AGAIN. The Opposition is still highly motivated in dragging the film down on this influential site:

– the “1” votes are 419 (69.4 + 1.3%) + 146
– the “10” votes are 162 (26.8% – 1.4%) + 49

nick noted 2 days ago that perhaps voting 8.0 or 9.0 would be more efficient (it’s impossinle to know as long as we don’t get far more numerous votes than the trolls, but you can always try).

Please go there :…

– RATE the film, by scrolling your mouse on the stars under the title, and click on the rate you wish (a “10” would be a good idea); this procedure is the most important and it takes one second.
– vote up good reviews; (do it everyday)
– vote down bad reviews (do it everyday – this is important, because the review with the best average gets displayed on the main page)
– post a review if you can;
– pass the link on FB, twitter, and every site you know, and tell them to rate the film.
– rate up Bannons’s films.

SWITCHING TO PLAN B (thank you PhillyCon!)

– The film is showing in the following States: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, MO, NC, OK, TX, WI
– Please contact your O4P Person if you live in one of those States
– Tell them to send an action item re. IMDB, so that they contact the viewers who can rate and review the film
– If they don’t understand the importance of the site, copy-paste my post if you want

The Trolls are rating at a 4-1 rate against us. And they haven’t see the film.

There is a reason for this: this film, as we’ve seen, can change HEARTS AND MINDS.
That’s why they fear it.
This film is an essential tool to Sarah Palin’s future campaign.

Let’s win this, like we won on Amazon!

Fight the Propaganda Machine.
There’s a campaign coming.
Game On!

Read more about IMDB here:…

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the repetition.
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GrmaTX [Moderator] Today 04:14 AM in reply to IsraeliCojones
Just spent an hour at the IMDb site “liking” positive reviews.
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I love the logic of the Palinbotz: if you didn’t think Palin’s movie about herself was fabulous and world-changing, you didn’t really see it.

Grateful thanks to the brilliant Azure Ghost for the use of the poster.