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Koch Spokesmouth Beaten by College Students
October 21, 2011

For the final week of September, Koch Industries’ Director of Corporate Communication Melissa Cohlmia was in a flat spin. She knew that Bloomberg Markets magazine had been investigating Koch on a global scale and the results would soon be published. That it wasn’t going to be pretty was a no-brainer but Cohlmia had no way to gauge where the shit would fly once Bloomberg switched on the fan.

Cohlmia naturally likes to get in front of bad publicity and her strategy is to deny everything beforehand and hope for the best, as in her famous email to left-wing bloggers, just prior to Tax Day 2010, stating that the Koch brothers didn’t fund the tea party rallies. Of course they didn’t, they funnel their money through their various PACS, which Koch Industries was forced to admit the next day when one blogger stopped laughing long enough to call up.

Although she had been interviewed for the article and used the opportunity to deny, deflect, downplay and make excuses for every Koch swindle and screw-up (in addition to tossing in a few red herrings), Madam PR Whiz fell back on her usual strategy, and suddenly right-wing blogs everywhere were attacking Bloomberg Markets for lying about these innocent conservative billionaire victims. This feverish pro-Koch blogging activity attracted the attention of Salon:

Here’s a rule of thumb about public relations: When P.R. pros begin furiously spinning a story before it has even come out, there’s a pretty good chance the story is going to be damaging to the reputation of said P.R. pros’ bosses.
Based on the prebuttal items appearing this week in the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, and U.S. News and World Report, the Bloomberg story focuses on alleged malfeasance and/or fraud and/or bad behavior by the conglomerate Koch Industries.

BUT …… on October 2nd, while Melissa Cohlmia was enjoying a harmless Sunday, some shocking news popped up, probably in her BlackBerry (courtesy of Google alerts, perhaps?). The famous Politicalgates blog had again gotten the jump on the mainstream media, and was publishing excerpts from the Bloomberg article! Oh, noes!

Within seconds, she was in crisis mode. So deft and experienced in crisis management is Melissa Cohlmia that she would later in the month be the main attraction at Wichita State University’s annual ‘Comm Week’ gathering for students in communications disciplines – the theme of her presentation being “Crisis Communication”.

After having just put out such a big PR fire, Cohlmia’s presentation was bound to be a sizzler! Students had already been happily tweeting about how much they were looking forward to it …

After getting the horrible news that the Bloomberg investigation had escaped, the Director of Corporate Communication connected with Koch management, who were themselves on the case immediately. How degrading it must have felt for their $100 billion per year company to be suddenly thrown into complete chaos by a humble blogger instead of the New York Times or the Washington Post. Did they feel any better when later that day Bloomberg uploaded the offending article to their website, and the cat was formally out of the bag?

Koch’s lawyers may not have been on the case, because it took some time for their rebuttal to appear on the internet – and then it was so wishy-washy and nit-picking that, given the gravity of the revelations in Bloomberg Markets magazine, it was dismissed.

The fallout was impressive; people were outraged to learn of the deaths of two teens when their car exploded after having encountered a cloud of toxic Koch gas; the whole tea party movement was besmirched when it was discovered that the unpatriotic Kochs had been happily trading with Iran outside of the United States; and humiliating occasions such as the telephone call to Koch-owned WI Governor Scott Walker from a fake Koch brother, and the covert taping of the Koch brothers’ annual gathering to plot the demise of democracy in the U.S. were dredged up and rehashed.

After little more than a week the Koch Google numbers began to cool and Twitter moved on to other outrages. Melissa Cohlmia would have an excellent war story for the students – and the student world has been buzzing all week with the anticipation of it…

The buzzing stopped sharply, however, when Comm Week 2011 commenced – Melissa Cohlmia had pulled out of the event! Melissa the experienced, Melissa the mentor, Melissa the war horse, Melissa Cohlmia from Koch Industries – not coming? What a disappointment! What a letdown! Was she unwell? Was she in an accident? Had she suddenly left the employ of Koch?

No, no, and no. Melissa Cohlmia pulled out of the event shortly after Politicalgates published its excerpts and Bloomberg published the rest of the story. Poor Mr Heldman was forced to give the “Koch Crisis Communication” presentation by himself because Koch “Crisis Making” Industries is apparently gutless, rude, unreliable and anal (and those are probably the good points).

In the students’ own words, “she bailed. She flaked!” And how they chortled at the perfect irony …

Is Koch Industries that intimidated by a room full of college kids – or merely scared of their questions …?

Illegal bribes in foreign countries, dead kids, selling to America’s enemy …. yep, plenty of questions there; and plenty more work for journalists.

Ronald Marullo
October 21, 2011

[This is specially for my correspondent Ronald Marullo.]

Dear Ronald

In a recent post I published the very long FEC list of candidates for President of the United States.

There is indeed a Ronald Marullo on that list. This is him:

He has some groovy ideas, like instituting “Independence Day 2.0” to celebrate the day the United States becomes energy-independent.

Are you him?

Please note, I have never written about you or your mind or who controls it. I don’t know you. I have never met you. If we ever meet in the future, I’m sure I would try to help you.

I feel your anguish and I hope you feel better soon. Truly.



Palin Fanatic Brings a Gun to #OWS
October 18, 2011

Sarah Palin’s psychotic cult remains in deep denial that its godhead is too chickenshit to put her money where her mouth is and make a play for President. All manner of plans are afoot to change what passes for Palin’s mind, each one more ill-thought-out and ridiculous than the one before.

One particularly weird Palin fanatic is so out of touch with reality that it occurred to him that harassing innocent OWS protesters with offers to watch Sarah Palin’s movie tribute to herself (UnderFeeted) on the spot would make him welcome at OWS.

“Call me crazy but I just got an idea I want to run by everyone. I have undefeated on my IPad. I think tomorrow I’m going to go down to Emory Park were their protesting. I’m going to set around and get to know some people and find a small bunch and just see if they might watch it with me.”

There’s no hint of violence at all, is there? But everyone knows that wherever Palin goes she spreads her toxic stink….

gilamonster8 Today 10:06 PM in reply to gilamonster8

“Ok so about an hour after I got there I saw someone I knew and he gave me one of the nastiest looks I ever seen from him. I knew why as soon as this happens because he is an undercover cop. I just ignore him and things are fine. I was happy to know he was there and I’m sure there were others. So I’m still tring to find the group that I think might work for me and I find some collage age students. They have this pow-wow about what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Let me back up… Guys there are some compete nuts in these protest. I’m not going to recommend that anyone do this. I did it I’m I’m glad I did.

So this group is writing all this stuff down and it was all about big oil big Corp and big gov. I want to scream BINGO… Anyways everything they were saying wasn’t about what the Leader was saying. It was CCC. I got my chance to speak and i did. Long story short half the group got pissed and walked away. That left me with 10 people. I steered the talk to what we need is a person in the gov to take on basturds. They all agree. Wahoo I sank the hook!!!!! Lol Im real worried at this point but there’s no backing down now. I tell them all, I know of one such person and I tell them it’s Sarah. Well that went over like a lead brick. Lots grumpy whines but only one guy left and he flipped me off as he did. So I tell them all I can prove everything I told them if they were willing to listen.

Now this is where I screwed up. The IPad speaker isn’t loud enough. I’ve got nine people to watch and they can’t hear it. Well I run to my truck and get my two sets of earphones and splitter so four can hear. All nine stay but only four watch. Guys I didn’t have to do a damn thing after that, the four that watched took over….. They wanted my phone # so they could get some people together and watch again. They want me to come to a frat house and give a talk…… Show the movie on a big screen…

Now while the four of them are watching I’m talking with the others and I get a phone call…. It’s the high ranking police officer which is a very good friend of mine… Well I’ve never in 20 years ever seen this person mad. To say that she chewed my ass from here to china would be an understatement.lots of reasons for her to be pissed. Anyways as soon as I got the truck to come home the phone rang again… Guys the 20 min. Drive home I didn’t get two words in and got my ass crewed off again. Ok so I’m going to admit my second mistake. Don’t go packing even if it’s legal which it was. That caused undue worry for the police. None of the protester knew but someone got close enough to know I was.”

You’re mistaken, fuckwit: somebody knew, somebody saw, and somebody reported to the police that the Palin fanatic was carrying a concealed weapon.

Emory Park, will you be waiting for a return visit from gilamonster and his iPad?

“Sarah Palin loves us too much NOT to run!”
October 5, 2011

So sure have Palinutz been for months that Sarah Palin was possessed of enough integrity to never string them along while taking their money. So sure. I wish I could feel sorry for them, but they’re evil little creatures; you’d never have one for a pet even if you could domesticate it.

Jasmine Clark [Moderator] 24 minutes ago
if she didn’t run i would be SO upset. she strung her supporters along for months and then let them down? that’s like being stabbed in the back by a friend. i trust her, she’s too honest to do that. she wouldn’t lead us on and keep us waiting only to let us down. if she were to not run, i would lose trust in her.

plus, i and MANY others would lose interest in her somewhat. one thing that is really interesting about her is the fact that she seems like she’s running. if she says no, many conservatives will be less interested in her, and liberals will be so happy. and they’ll start being nice to her for the first time. because she’s not a threat.
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BricesCrossroads [Moderator] Yesterday 01:25 AM
The lunch and long meeting with Singleton and McCormick at the Iowa State Fair is yet another wink and a nod to her supporters that she is running. She is trying to calm the jittery nerves of some who are over anxious while, at the same time, not tipping her hand to her enemies. There is no way, NO WAY that this woman would have an extended meeting with these two selfless volunteers who have put their lives on hold for her, send them out to campaign the very next day and then pull the rug out from under them by not running.

Some (indeed perhaps many) politicians are capable of such a subterfuge aimed even at loyalists ( I can see Perry or Romney or Bachmann doing something akin to this and sleeping like a baby). Not Palin. Nothing in my observations of her, or in her history, suggests that she is wired this way. Whether she GETS loyalty and support from others is open to question (indeed, she gets it in very small quantities from politicians even those she has endorsed…like Joe Miller, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Nikki Haley and on and on). She always GIVES loyalty to those who deserve it, whether it be our soldiers or her committed, selfless volunteers like Singleton and McCormick.
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palinsupporter1 [Moderator] Today 02:23 AM in reply to TheTotalConservative
Because of course Palin would go to a huge rally for her with thousands of people there who came to hear her announce and give a major speech to announce she’s not running… how stupid can you get?
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TheTotalConservative [Moderator] Today 02:31 AM in reply to palinsupporter1
I saw some jerk on twitter say that he agreed with Crowley saying that. Palin is Running. She would never do that to Thousands of People there.
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TheTotalConservative [Moderator] Today 03:14 AM
Polls are going to be the main thing they use to try to beat Governor Palin. The Corrupt Republican Pieces of Shit will post every bad poll for Palin because that is all the have. She has to run. She has to fight or she is Done. Finished. I can accept losing but I can accept Not Trying. She knows she has to run for herself. The People that want her to go away don’t want her to run. The pieces of dirt that buy into Perry are Stupid.
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Jasmine Clark [Moderator] Today 12:48 AM
if she at this point chose not to run after all this buildup and excitement and encouraging o4p to keep going and lots of hints toward a run, i would help you in dropping her off the cliff of political obscurity
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“I’m confident she will announce. She wouldn’t lead people on like that, so I am pretty sure that she will,” supporter Doug Adams said.

korn8131 [Moderator] Today 09:37 PM
If I may, I would like to interject here and
now, that without any doubt, Sarah Palin, is going to run for POTUS. Now you
ask, how does this A-hole know that? The wife and I were fortune enough to be at the Machine Shed for the Conservatives4Palin get together. Again, fortune enough to be seated in a booth just outside the kitchen entrance, where she was
escorted through to avoid the big crowd, waiting for her at the entrance into
the reserved banquet room. As she exited the kitchen, she was immediately
surrounded by enthusiastic supporters. I being one of them, and my poor wife was trapped in the booth and couldn’t get out. Sarah and Todd were shaking hands and autographing pictures. I stepped back onto the bench in the booth where we were seated, in order to try and get some pictures. About that time Sarah notice my wife stranded in the booth, so what does this women do? She politely made her way over to Bev and stuck her hand out and said “Hi Bev”, (we had name tags on).
Next thing she asked, “Where are you from Bev?” “How far did you travel?” and
then, “Thank you so much for traveling that far and supporting this activity.”
Now you have to ask yourself, why would a women with so much sincerity go to a
supporter, rather then let that support come to her, then turn right around and
say will it was nice meeting you but I have decided not to run for POTUS. With
that encounter at the Machine Shed and then the following day, her speech, where she laid out her five point platform, convinced me with out any doubt, she will run! And God willing, will be our next President.

“Game On”

Youbetch !

A Tea Party Patriot
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John JWilfred [Moderator] 36 minutes ago in reply to korn8131
After Sarah made that awesome gesture toward your wife Bev, there is no way Sarah will turn around and look at your wife in the eye and say she is not running. Sarah is running and the LSM and GOP pundits do not want to admit it or are too biased to see it.
My guess she will announce in time to be at the Sept 22 debate in Orlando, Fl. She will rock the Villages just like last time she was there in 2008.
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grizzlyrising [Moderator] Today 01:41 AM in reply to Mountain
“It is getting easier to wait, as we become surer of her decision to run.”

Yes, August was hard but I’ve been at peace in September. To decline a run now would be bizarre and she wouldn’t do that to us.
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Mountain [Moderator] Today 01:51 AM in reply to grizzlyrising
She made it crystal, when she said she LOVED seeing the O4P and C4P people.
She wouldn’t lead us on like that; she IS RUNNING!
LORD, HELP and give us all strength and faith.
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jeffo1 34 minutes ago in reply to KennethF
The one thing I tell myself when doubt creeps in is this:

If she was not running she would have told us long before now.

This Patriot has and is willing to sacrifice much more so please cut her some slack.
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rightConcept 18 minutes ago in reply to jeffo1

I believe this also.
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Quang Do Today 02:57 AM in reply to SonOfOriginalTed

Where the heck did people get the idea that Gov. Palin is not going to run for president?If Gov. Palin is not going to run, then she would NOT havewasted our times and her times for months. She would have toldher supporters to stop a long time ago.
I heard Chris Christie saying he is not going to run, but Idid NOT hear Gov. Palin saying anything about not running.
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Quang Do Today 02:40 AM

To all Gov. Palin’s doubters:
If you don’t think Gov. Palin will be running for president, thenyou are more stupid than you look.
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A number of Palinutz were forced to defect after being censured for asking Palin for a decision. They started their own blog but didn’t gain an ounce of wisdom:

I have written this often but the one primary reason that I believe she is running is because Sarah has never told all the folks working with O4P to stop. I just can’t imagine her letting them work so hard to no effect. It doesn’t seem in character at all.

If you need a good laugh this week, go on over to conservatives4palin, but be careful – the psychosis of the past three years has been turned loose. ick!

While Sarah Palin thought about it, 229 less-frightened people have filed for President
October 5, 2011

How many candidates would there be if passing a mental health test was a mandatory condition for filing? At least one of these characters think they’re nominating for a king’s throne …

and with any luck there’ll soon be another crackpot joining them – nominating for Queen Esther:

There's still room in the GOP clown car, Sarah!

1 P20003232 ADAMS, DOROTHY ANN 2011-08-04
2 P60004793 ADESHINA, YINKA ABOSEDE 2011-04-15
3 P20003182 AMMANN, AARON LEON 2011-08-01
4 P20002374 ARAGON, DAVID G 2010-12-21
6 P20002978 BACHMANN, MICHELE 2011-06-13
7 P80003957 BAILEY, GEORGE BRENT JR 2010-07-07
8 P20002150 BALLARD, GEORGE HENRY III 2010-04-12
9 P80004815 BANKS, J E WENDELL KENNEDY 2011-09-06
10 P20002689 BAREA, JEFFREY 2011-09-22
11 P20002697 BARNETT, ANDRE N 2011-04-21
12 P20002358 BEACH, RALPH ALLEN 2010-10-12
13 P20003505 BLACK, ANGELA 2011-09-26
14 P20002598 BLANKENSHIP, JARED 2011-04-05
15 P20002028 BLISS, RUSSELL P JR (RUSTY) 2009-09-11
16 P20003398 BLOCK, JEFF 2011-08-30
17 P80005077 BOSS, JEFFREY HARLAN 2009-07-01
18 P20003257 BRAUN, HARRY WILLIAM III 2011-08-12
19 P80005002 BROWN, ROBERT PAUL JR 2011-04-11
20 P20002002 BROWN, WHENCE RONELL 2009-08-13
21 P20002788 BRUZZESI, THOMAS J 2011-05-13
22 P20003265 BRYANT, DARRYL 2011-08-15
23 P20002234 BUSH, SAVANNAH JEWEL MCCUMBER 2010-07-06
24 P20002226 BUSH, TANNER CLINE MCCUMBER 2010-07-06
25 P00002295 BYERLEY, LESTER F JR 2011-04-27
26 P80003221 CAESAR, PRESIDENT EMPEROR 2010-12-13
27 P00003608 CAIN, HERMAN 2011-05-03
28 P20001962 CAIN, SCOTT ANDREW SR 2009-06-16
29 P20002762 CALLAHAN, MARK ALLEN 2011-05-16
30 P20003471 CARRINGTON-HAYES, HAL CHAD 2011-09-20
31 P20002549 CARROLL, JAMES ALAN 2011-03-21
32 P00000679 CARROLL, JERRY LEON 2009-06-04
33 P80000268 CARTER, WILLIE FELIX 2009-02-16
34 P60004561 CHARLES, JOSEPH 2010-03-10
35 P20002580 CHEHADE, PAUL 2011-03-28
36 P80003890 CHERRICKS, LIZA DAWN 2010-04-02
37 P20002812 CHOVIL, WILLIAM EDWARD 2011-05-24
38 P20002390 CISNEROS, CESAR 2010-12-30
39 P80004690 CLAYTON, TODD MARVIN JR 2011-09-12
40 P80005630 CLEMENT, DOUGLAS GEORGE 2009-01-21
41 P20002754 COLEMAN, PERRY DUWHILE 2011-05-04
42 P20002119 CONOVER, FLOYD RUSSELL 2010-01-29
43 P20002069 COOPER, GEORGE 2011-07-25
44 P80004518 COOPER, JAMES C 2011-04-14
45 P20002945 CRAMER III, SANFORD WENDELL 2011-06-13
46 P80005713 CRIVEAU, JAMES DENNIS 2008-11-12
47 P80005366 CROSS, KENNETH ROBERT 2011-08-18
48 P00003343 CROW, RANDOLPH WILSON 2010-05-11
49 P80004823 CUEVAS, NICKOLAS BEVAN (FARMER) 2010-06-24
50 P20001921 DAVIS, JEFF HOWARD TAFT 2006-09-05
51 P20002325 DAVIS, L JOHN JR 2010-10-01
52 P20002929 DAY, TIMOTHY TERRELL 2011-06-08
54 P20003000 DOMAGALA, KENNETH M 2011-06-20
55 P20002440 DONAME, MICHAEL 2011-01-25
56 P20002309 DRAKE, PATRICK ANTHONY 2010-08-15
57 P20003430 DRUMMOND, KEITH 2011-09-12
58 P20002499 DUMMETT, JOHN ALBERT JR 2011-01-28
59 P00001792 ENGLERIUS, MAXIMUS T 2009-10-06
60 P20003018 ENNIS, CRAIG EDWARD 2011-06-20
61 P20002853 FARNSWORTH, VERL 2011-06-01
62 P20000089 FELLURE, LOWELL JACKSON 2008-11-05
63 P20003141 FERGUSON, JOHN GREEN 2011-07-12
64 P00004853 FIELDER, RODNEY RAY 2009-06-22
65 P80003189 FORTHAN, BOB LEONARD 2011-02-14
66 P20003083 FREY, DAVID ROBT CDR USN RET 2011-07-01
67 P20002770 GARY, ROGER V 2011-05-16
68 P20002259 GATES, KENNETH 2010-08-11
69 P40002040 GIDNER, BRUCE ALLEN 2002-02-01
70 P20003455 GILBERT, JONATHAN MICHAEL 2011-09-05
71 P60003654 GINGRICH, NEWT 2011-05-16
72 P20001954 GODWIN, MILLS WRENAL 2009-05-28
73 P20002200 GOODMAN, HERMAN LEE 2010-06-16
74 P20003547 GOUGE, JACKIE 2011-09-26
75 P80003544 GRAHAM, MARK B 2011-04-25
76 P20003133 GRAMMER, KENNETH BRYAN 2011-07-11
77 P80004351 GREENSPON, JON ADAM 2009-04-02
78 P20002986 GRISKIE, CHRISTIN NOEL 2011-06-15
79 P20002010 GRUMBEIN, RICKIE LEE 2009-08-27
80 P20003521 HAHN, VERN LEROY 2011-09-20
81 P60003027 HARDCASTLE, PATRICE ELOISE 2011-06-20
82 P20002887 HARRIS, JEFFREY NICHOLAS 2011-06-07
83 P20003570 HARRIS, RICHARD FRANCIS 2011-09-29
84 P20003364 HARRIS, RICHARDJASON SATAWK 2011-09-02
85 P20002333 HASTINGS, ANDREW CLAY 2010-10-04
86 P20002127 HAYES, RUTHERFORD BERT 2010-03-25
87 P10000016 HEARD JR, HAROLD C 2011-04-29
88 P20002184 HERMAN, RAPHAEL 2010-05-06
89 P20002085 HEUPEL, RAEDEEN ROSE 2009-12-01
90 P20002838 HILL, CHRISTOPHER V 2011-05-31
91 P20002465 HILLIS, DARRELL ALAN 2011-01-31
92 P20003026 HOCKENSMITH, BRIAN KEITH 2011-06-20
93 P60003571 HOELZEL, JOHN RICHARD JR 2010-11-30
94 P80000672 HOFF, SAMUEL B DR 2011-07-28
95 P20002861 HUNT, EUGENE ROSELL JR 2011-06-06
96 P20002473 HUNT, JAMES WILLIAM 2011-01-31
97 P20003067 HUNTSMAN, JON 2011-06-28
98 P20002903 HYKES, DARRELL 2011-06-08
99 P20002242 JIMENEZ, GABRIEL ALEXANDER 2010-07-14
100 P20002671 JOHNSON, GARY EARL 2011-05-02
101 P20002366 JONES, RICKEY KENNETH 2010-10-27
102 P20002705 JONES, RONALD DAVID 2011-04-21
103 P20003349 JORDAN, ROBERT 2011-08-30
104 P80003783 JORGENSEN, ROBERT NEWBERN 2011-09-27
105 P20003372 JUDY, CODY ROBERT 2011-08-25
106 P60003175 KALEMKARIAN, TIMOTHY CHARLES 2006-06-14
107 P20002564 KARGER, FRED 2011-03-23
108 P20002382 KELLER, SCOTT T 2010-12-29
109 P20003380 KENNY, MICHAEL GERARD FRANCIS 2011-09-06
110 P20002747 KILGORE, DAVID SAMSON 2011-05-02
111 P20003224 KINNEY, DARRYL 2011-08-07
112 P20002044 KLINE, RICHARD ALLEN CGR 2009-09-21
113 P20002218 KNILL, DENNIS JEROME 2010-06-21
114 P20002275 KOCH, JAMES 2010-08-11
115 P20002937 KRISTEN, TOLLEFSEN 2011-06-10
117 P20003240 LANSER, JERRY 2011-08-08
118 P20003125 LAROCK, ROBERT WILLIAM 2011-07-01
119 P20002416 LARSON, DAVID ANDREW 2011-01-05
120 P20003042 LAX (MILLER), LEAH (LORETTA) 2011-06-27
121 P20000055 LEE, KIP 2011-04-25
122 P20001905 LEE, ROBERT 2009-12-01
123 P20002168 LEFLER, BRAD CRAWFORD 2010-05-03
124 P20002606 LEVETIN, MARK 2011-04-06
125 P00002568 LEVINSON, MICHAEL STEPHEN 2011-01-21
126 P20003059 LYNCH, THOMAS EDWARD 2011-06-27
127 P20003463 MACLERAN, THOMAS GREGORY 2011-09-15
128 P20002960 MADDOX, ED A SIR SR 2011-06-14
129 P20002648 MAGEE, ERIN KENT 2011-04-05
130 P00003814 MALONE, JOAN FRANCES MARY 2011-08-31
131 P20002432 MANLEY, MICHAEL J 2011-01-15
132 P00003731 MARTIN, ANDY 2011-02-08
133 P80004732 MARTIN, GREGORY BRYAN 2011-08-08
134 P20002622 MARTIN, GURLEY L 2011-04-11
135 P00003756 MARTISKO, MIKE BENJAMIN 2011-09-09
136 P20003406 MARULLO, RONALD 2011-09-07
137 P20003323 MAYERS, R BENEDICT 2011-08-18
138 P80003361 MCCALL, JAMES HATTON 2009-09-30
139 P20002515 MCCORMICK, RICHARD S 2011-02-02
140 P20003109 MCCOTTER, THADDEUS G 2011-07-01
141 P80004575 MCCUMBER, LAURA JANE 2010-06-23
142 P20003166 MCCUNE, RONALD BRUCE 2011-07-26
143 P60003290 MCMILLAN, JIMMY (AKA) JAMES 2011-02-07
144 P20003422 MEALER, JOHN LEWIS 2011-09-09
145 P40003279 MESPLAY, KENT P 2011-05-24
146 P20001947 MILLER, THOMAS JOSEPH 2009-05-18
147 P20002846 MOLONEY, MICHAEL J 2011-05-25
148 P20003034 MONTGOMERY, DAVID WAYNE 2011-06-20
149 P80003577 MORAN, BRIAN J 2011-08-02
150 P00004325 MORROW, JOSEPH UNDERWOOD 2009-01-21
151 P20003497 MORZUCH, ALBERT 2011-09-16
152 P20001939 MOSLER, WARREN BRUCE 2009-02-19
153 P20002531 NELSON, KEVIN MICHAEL 2011-03-04
154 P20002093 NEUENSCHWANDER, STEVEN KAY 2009-12-18
155 P20002176 NEVEU, DEONIA P 2010-05-03
156 P20002655 NICHOLS, ROGER EUGENE 2011-04-13
157 P80003338 OBAMA, BARACK 2011-04-04
158 P40000382 OGIN, FRED 2011-03-04
159 P20002457 PARMELE, JOHN OSCIAN JR 2011-01-31
160 P80000748 PAUL, RON 2011-05-13
161 P20002556 PAWLENTY, TIMOTHY 2011-03-21
162 P20003554 PEACE, ROBERT 2011-09-27
163 P20003307 PEDERSEN, GEORGE CHRISTIAN 2011-08-10
164 P20003281 PERRY, JAMES R (RICK) 2011-08-15
165 P20002895 PERSON, CARL E 2011-06-06
166 P20001988 PFLUGHAUPT, PHILIPP G 2009-08-03
167 P20002507 PHILLIPS, ALAN G 2011-05-12
168 P60003159 PHILLIPS, DEAN A 2011-06-03
169 P80004328 PINNAVAIA, MATTHEW DAVID 2011-05-12
170 P80005010 POWELL, SAMUEL LYNDELL 2011-04-18
171 P00003236 PRATTAS, JAMES 2011-05-25
172 P80004336 RAGHAVAN, RAJESH S 2011-04-25
173 P20003448 RAKOWITZ, ARTHUR FABIAN 2011-09-07
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