Palin Fanatic Brings a Gun to #OWS

Sarah Palin’s psychotic cult remains in deep denial that its godhead is too chickenshit to put her money where her mouth is and make a play for President. All manner of plans are afoot to change what passes for Palin’s mind, each one more ill-thought-out and ridiculous than the one before.

One particularly weird Palin fanatic is so out of touch with reality that it occurred to him that harassing innocent OWS protesters with offers to watch Sarah Palin’s movie tribute to herself (UnderFeeted) on the spot would make him welcome at OWS.

“Call me crazy but I just got an idea I want to run by everyone. I have undefeated on my IPad. I think tomorrow I’m going to go down to Emory Park were their protesting. I’m going to set around and get to know some people and find a small bunch and just see if they might watch it with me.”

There’s no hint of violence at all, is there? But everyone knows that wherever Palin goes she spreads her toxic stink….

gilamonster8 Today 10:06 PM in reply to gilamonster8

“Ok so about an hour after I got there I saw someone I knew and he gave me one of the nastiest looks I ever seen from him. I knew why as soon as this happens because he is an undercover cop. I just ignore him and things are fine. I was happy to know he was there and I’m sure there were others. So I’m still tring to find the group that I think might work for me and I find some collage age students. They have this pow-wow about what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Let me back up… Guys there are some compete nuts in these protest. I’m not going to recommend that anyone do this. I did it I’m I’m glad I did.

So this group is writing all this stuff down and it was all about big oil big Corp and big gov. I want to scream BINGO… Anyways everything they were saying wasn’t about what the Leader was saying. It was CCC. I got my chance to speak and i did. Long story short half the group got pissed and walked away. That left me with 10 people. I steered the talk to what we need is a person in the gov to take on basturds. They all agree. Wahoo I sank the hook!!!!! Lol Im real worried at this point but there’s no backing down now. I tell them all, I know of one such person and I tell them it’s Sarah. Well that went over like a lead brick. Lots grumpy whines but only one guy left and he flipped me off as he did. So I tell them all I can prove everything I told them if they were willing to listen.

Now this is where I screwed up. The IPad speaker isn’t loud enough. I’ve got nine people to watch and they can’t hear it. Well I run to my truck and get my two sets of earphones and splitter so four can hear. All nine stay but only four watch. Guys I didn’t have to do a damn thing after that, the four that watched took over….. They wanted my phone # so they could get some people together and watch again. They want me to come to a frat house and give a talk…… Show the movie on a big screen…

Now while the four of them are watching I’m talking with the others and I get a phone call…. It’s the high ranking police officer which is a very good friend of mine… Well I’ve never in 20 years ever seen this person mad. To say that she chewed my ass from here to china would be an understatement.lots of reasons for her to be pissed. Anyways as soon as I got the truck to come home the phone rang again… Guys the 20 min. Drive home I didn’t get two words in and got my ass crewed off again. Ok so I’m going to admit my second mistake. Don’t go packing even if it’s legal which it was. That caused undue worry for the police. None of the protester knew but someone got close enough to know I was.”

You’re mistaken, fuckwit: somebody knew, somebody saw, and somebody reported to the police that the Palin fanatic was carrying a concealed weapon.

Emory Park, will you be waiting for a return visit from gilamonster and his iPad?