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A Message to Sarah Palin from the Gulf
June 19, 2010


Remembering L’Aquila
April 7, 2009

It’s not possible to not love Rome. It’s also not possible to not enjoy getting away from it occasionally. I wanted to see the Gran Sasso. It’s a mountain in central Italy. That’s where L’Aquila was, too.

It’s a small town by my standards, but not by Italian rural standards. The thing that struck me was that it’s a family kind of place. No big commercialism, no tourism, no industry, no subdivisions – just the town that services dozens of farming towns.

And it’s an old town, a very old town, in a mountain valley. What could be nicer?

But L’Aquila is no more. Mother Nature has shattered L’Aquila after 800 years.

L'Aquila from our picnic vantage point

L'Aquila from our picnic vantage point

The bridge across the moat

The bridge across the moat